How to make an upholstered headboard

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This is something that I learned from watching hours and hours of HGTV. When I saw the finished product I was amazed that I actually made it with my own two hands. OK ,first you will need a piece of wood, sometimes you can use a headboard that you already have, if not, you can use the wood, you can get this from any home depot, than you need to pick out a nice fabric for the upholstering, I used a faux leather that I purchased from the fabric store for only 2.95 a yard and I used 2 yards for this project. You will also need a staplegun and some cushiony insert ,(I can’t remember the name of the fabric right now).Now you lay the cushiony fabric out, and measure it with the board so you will know exactly how much you will need before cutting. Once that is done you can begin to measure the fabric that will be used for the upholstering .Now you can grab your staplegun. This is when you staple the cushiony fabric to the board, pulling as tightly as you can and stapling it to the back of the wood. Next you do the same with the other fabric, make sure you pull as tightly as you can this gives it a better look. Now your almost done, all you have to do now is put it where it needs to be and you have yourself and upholstered headboard, pretty simple right. Why pay hundreds of dollars for something you can diy and it looks just as good, if not better. I hope someone finds this article useful, it would be great to see some pictures of headboards that someone has made. Thanks for reading.


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