The Dream

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That dog could really talk, yet I seemed to have no reason to be afraid of him.  I never heard him bark like normal dogs do.  He only talked to me when I was around.  He was a big dog kind of a grayish dark color wide across the back not unfriendly when he looked up at me, and I was a bit uneasy as around any strange dog but not afraid of him like I should have been of a dog that I didn’t know anything about and was that big.  Maybe that is why he talked to me and didn’t let other people know that he had the ability to speak the human language and clearer than many people speak it too I might add.  He spoke English to me, so I don’t know if he knew any other languages, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did.  Any dog that is capable of speaking our language is capable of learning other languages as well I would think.

I don’t know what the dog’s official title is, but he was a guard at the Capital.  I never did understand if I was at the capital building of the state or of the U.S.A.  In my dream I thought probably it was the U.S.A., but now that I am awake I think it was more likely the state because I have never been to D.C.; however, anything can happen in a dream so who knows.

I’m not sure what I was doing there but I was looking for something that I had left in the past or something that I was supposed to pick up for someone.  I just couldn’t quite figure out what I was doing and if the business was my own or if I was doing a favor for someone else.  Anyway, I walked around inside the building, and when I came out is when I first saw him.  The dog was waiting for me when I came back outside.  He asked me what was I doing and followed me everywhere I went as we chatted while I looked for whatever it was.

People were trying to run me off and while they were there talking to me that dog wouldn’t say a word, but as soon as they went on about their business he began talking to me again telling me how they thought they were better than everyone else and to not pay any attention to them just go on looking for whatever it was.  I did.  He helped me look, but we never did find it.   I could tell that he is like me in his opinion of Politicians.  We both think that the everyday person is a much better human than the politicians are.  For that matter–I think that dog would make a better human than the majority of politicians too.


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