Arkansas Razorbacks NFL Prospect Ryan Mallett

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One of the best upcoming players in the Southeastern Conference is Arkansas Razorbacks NFL prospect Ryan Mallett. A transfer from Michigan due to the change in the system he came down south to play for Bobby Petrino in his pro style offense. Here today we are gonna talk about some of the things that coaches, fans and scouts are seeing in Arkansas Razorbacks NFL prospect Ryan Mallett.

When he transferred here from Michigan many of the fans were wondering how well he would work out and if he would follow in the steps of some of the other quarterbacks that done so well at Louisville under Bobby Petrino. The thing that makes Arkansas Razorbacks NFL prospect Ryan Mallett stand out to the scouts is that he has all the tools. The guy has the prototype pro size standing at 6’7 and weighing 255 pounds. He has the size to look over the line and see the field while also being able to take hits.

One thing is certain though that is his production is gonna have to go up considerably in order to impress the pros. When he last seen action he only completed 43% of his passes in several games of action. That was in the Big10 and he is gonna be going up against SEC defenses like LSU and Alabama on a weekly basis so it could be even tougher in the upcoming season. But the good thing is that playing against teams stacked with talent Arkansas Razorbacks NFL prospect Ryan Mallett will get noticed by some very important people.


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