Health Insurance Companies VS. Health Care Reform

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I want to say that we are all living in difficult times, that the economy has crippled our spirits as well as our bodies, and that we are all in this boat together. But if I were to say that it would be a lie. And we are not all in the same boat, or if we are someone else is steering our course and we don’t want to go where they are taking us.

Today, June 23rd, 2009 President Obama held a press conference at which he dealt with the deplorable situation taking place in Iran, the horrible state of our own economy and health care reform. This blog deals with the health care reform issue but in a way it relates to our economy as well. As the President spoke today, and I do want to go on record that I am 85 percent a Barack Obama believer  and I wanted and waited to hear him nail the question of why major health care providers are so opposed to a government sponsored plan. Why they say they could not compete with a plan that a benefits the people by giving them a choice. The major companies say they could not meet the challenge of a government sponsored health care plan that everyone might take advantage of and it would possibly drive them out of business. So I waited as the reporters questioned the President. I waited for him to tell the world why BIG health care companies were afraid, and I did not wait patiently. I kept screaming, not really too loudly, that it was the salaries of the CEO’s at these companies and other top executives that made it impossible for them to compete with a government sponsored plan. And it is!

Health insurance companies are the problem! or at least the salaries of the top executives who are steering the boat is. Like I said, we are not all in the same boat. The CEO’s at these companies are cruising on a luxury liner and we are rowing like crazy in a sinking dingy.
Here now I will provide proof and a link for you to check out yourself. The following figures are from 2005, nothing more recent was available. I wonder why. But try these out for size anyway.

United Health Group
CEO: William W McGuire
2005: 124.8 mil
5-year: 342 mil

  • Aetna
    CEO: John Rowe
    2005: 22.1 mil
    5-year:57.8 mil
  • Cigna
    CEO: H. Edward Hanway
    2005:13.3 mil
    5-year:62.8 mil
  • McKesson
    CEO: John Hammergen
    2005: 13.4 mil
    5-year:31.2 mil

CEO: Larry Glasscock
2005: 23 mil

And here is that link


Here now is another statistic from the health insurance companies. What follows is the average hourly rate of the ship’s crew, the front line workers:

Median Hourly Rate by Job – Industry: Health Insurance (United States) Median Hourly Rate by Job – Industry: Health Insurance (United States)

Currency: USD |  Updated: 18 Jun 2009 |  Individuals reporting: 3,000

Currency: USD  |  Updated: 18 Jun 2009  |  Individuals reporting: 3,000 

The major Health Care Providers say we can’t , we can’t , can’t what ? live on less than 100 million or so dollars for the CEO’s? I think it’s time that we say I won’t, I won’t and that we do want reform now. If the people of Iran are willing to die for their rights, what are we willing to give up for ours?

copyright 6/2009 Dan Sanders


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