How to Start Fasting For Weight Loss

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If you are interested in learning how to start fasting for weight loss, there are some important things for beginners to note. It is essential to get started on the right track so it can be incorporated into a long term program. Fasting can be a way of life and a great way to permanently lose weight and improve your body weight if done correctly.

Step One
Start your first fast by skipping one meal during the week. Do not attempt another fast until the next week.

Step Two
During the second week, increase the fast by skipping two meals. Pick whatever time will work best for you. Maybe you skip a breakfast and lunch or a dinner and then breakfast.

Step Three
During the third week, complete a full 24 hour fast by finishing a meal and not eating again until that same meal again in 24 hours.

Step Four
When you feel comfortable, start adding in another fast during the week to make a total of two 24 hour fasts per week.

Tips & Warnings

  • Drink lots of water during a fast.
  • Coffee with artificial sweeteners and diet sodas are allowed during fasts.
  • Alter your fasting schedule so that it works for you and allows you to meet all of your meal obligations.
  • Start slow and follow the tips.
  • Your body is used to eating at certain times so the first few fasts will be harder than once your body gets used to fasting.
  • Only healthy adults should attempt a fasting program.
  • Pregnant women should not fast.
  • Persons with diabetes or any health problems should not fast.
  • Consult your doctor about your fast.

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