How to Use Simple Soccer Training Drills to Increase Touch and Agility

Use these simple soccer training drills while training on your own or with your team to greatly increase your touch on the ball and agility. Remember, the best training always includes lots of touches on the ball.  These drills only require a ball and the time to practice.

Step One
Set up cones or anything that can be used as a marker 2-3 yards aways from eah other in a line. You can use up to as many as 10 cones or as few as 5. Practice dribbling a soccer ball in and out of the cones and coming back and forth down the line. Increase your speed as you get better. Alternated the cone distance and stagger them so they are not in a line to increase difficulty.

Step Two
Using the same cones, start dribbling from the first cone to the second cone and quickly turn around with the ball and come back to the first cone. Start from the first cone and proceed to the third cone and return and so forth. Practice different types of turns with your sole of the foot, outside of the foot, and inside of the foot.

Step Three
Find an open space and simply dribble in different directions for 5 minutes. Every now and then change your direction and change your pace. Try some feints on the ball and try to pick your head up now and then.

Step Four
Keep the ball in the air by juggling it with your feet or other body parts. To increase the difficulty, try jogging forward or backward while juggling.

Tips & Warnings

  • Spend lots of time with the soccer ball at your feet and getting lots of touches on the ball!

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