Wedding thank you note etiquette

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Thank you notes are a wedding planning necessity. They are also necessary in everyday life and business, but those notes have different rules. Here is what you need to know about wedding thank you notes.

First and foremost, ALL thank you notes should be handwritten. Nothing says “yeah, whatever” like a pre-printed thank you note with a barely legible name scrawled underneath. You are thanking people for giving you something in celebration of one of the most important events of your life. Please take the time to thank them with a few heartfelt handwritten lines of gratitude.

Second, wedding shower thank you notes are not just for gifts, please send them to family and friends who organize showers and parties in your honor.

Third, when you send the thank you notes are important as it seems a little ungrateful to not acknowledge a gift for a long time, and if the person mailed the gift to you a confirmation of you having received it will also go hand in hand with that lovely thank you note. Wedding shower gift thank you notes should be sent no later than 10 days after the wedding shower. Thank you notes for wedding gifts received before the wedding should be sent as soon as you receive the gift, as this also helps keep the number of thank you notes being written at one time down and makes it easier for you to keep up with writing the thank you notes. Wedding gifts received at the wedding should have thank you notes in the mail no later than two weeks after you return from the honeymoon.

When you receive a shower gift, then later a wedding gift from the same person, each gift should warrant it’s own thank you note.

Now, don’t think this is a job just for the ladies. The man in your life can and should assist with this part of your wedding, even if his handwriting is not as pretty as yours. One suggestion is to get take out after a shower, and split the list of gifts. Each of you can write half the notes, cutting the time and hand cramps down for both of you and you are finished in half the time so you can sit back and enjoy your gifts and getting your new home ready for after the wedding.


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