How to generate free electricity using magnets

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Learning how to make free electricity using magnets has been a challenge to many scientists. It is part of the quest to produce a perpetual motion generator. Many trials have been made, but very few came up with a realistic magnetic motor design that can generate electricity to power a house.

To build a magnet motor, you must understand the power of magnetic fields around the magnets. The attraction force of magnets with opposite polarity and repulsion force of magnets with the same polarity are used to induce motion to a device. The best kept secret about the conception of a magnet motor evolves around the proper positioning and the size of the magnets used.

Building a magnet motor to generate electricity is only half of the equation. The magnet motor must be big enough to induce rotation to an electric generator. This generator will convert the rotation energy of the magnet motor to electricity you can use to power your home or rv.

This electricity is free because there is no power source such as fuel or electricity to power the magnetic motor. The one and only source of energy is the magnetic field around the magnets. It is totally independent. There is only a low cost of buying a diy guide and parts from a local hardware store to build it. Doing it yourself will pay you back in a short period of time as you will notice your electric bills melt down like snow in the sun!

By following a plan and doing it yourself, you will understand all the metrics around the design of such a device. It will be easy for you to build a smaller magnetic motor for your rv or your hunting lodge. You can even start a part time business that will generate a new stream of income for you.

Searching plans on the web can be tedious. Most of the results you will find are just experiments that fail to generate perpetual motion. Trying to build a magnetic motor from experimental plans can be costly in time and money. Only a few websites will propose a tested and proven method to generate free electricity using magnets.

Click on the links to find the best diy guide to build a magnet motor. Produce green renewable electricity. Save a lot of money on your electric bill. Your friends will be amazed. You will be at the forefront of the eco trend by generating free electricity produced by a magnet motor.


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