Recreation to Bayang City

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Sani waterfall shadow beautiful village located in the Koto district of New Bayang.Water of almost 80 with a height of forty meters is already very popular first.To since the era of Dutch colonialism, falls into this shadow Sani-bath mener-mener and nona – belanda. Wonderstruck mener and Dutch on the waterfall in Give then the name of this waterfall with the name or WELL COME waterfall welcome.

Waterfall that was similar to the horses is always called by the people with the name well come in the decade of the new year an 80-well come the name is replaced with the name of Sani shadow.

Sani shadow falls into this icon tour waterfalls in the district of Coastal Selatan.Dapat spelled shadow Sani waterfall waterfall is the biggest district in the shadow of Coastal Selatan.Air Sani consists of several levels, according to the people around there are about five fruit waterfall. But that can only be reached until the waterfall on the second level.

Sani waterfall shadow first level is a waterfall that welcomes the tourists at the new location.

Waterfall on the first level is almost 80 meters height, consists of three branches of the water-bend contortion cadas the rocks above the water that falls Flow. Under have this hole that has been created for bath-.In has also been equipped with change the clothes, toilet and a prayer.

The shadow falls Sani first sells this many people, different food or pastry sale in many waterfalls .To essentially this is the first level of the most visited tourist destination for people.

Sani waterfall shadow second level is a waterfall that is located approximately 400 meters above the water level of the first shadow Sani.

To go waterfalls in this second level of tourists must walk the walk up the hill located next to the waterfall shadow Sani level far more or less the first 400 meters, the rubber plantation first population.

Sani waterfall shadow second level this spring with a height of approximately 25 meter.Water Plunge only one not divided like waterfalls shadow Sani level first.

Air around the second level waterfall is a bit clumsy, because almost all locations waterfall foliate plants, lush forest.

At the waterfall the water is colored reservoir sign in verdure, beautiful waterfalls on this is that in in reservoir there are large stones that emerge to the surface like islands in the sea.

Disgorge the water from the jungle hills Lumpo who enter the area TNKS feel very cool, so tourists do not hold for long bath here.

This waterfall is not so much in comeback because located a little far with the paths that climb quite steep.

Nah Have to waterfalls rang this shadow.

Congratulations bathe-bathing … … …


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