Increasing the hight of your vertical jump

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If you believe in yourself you can accomplish your dreams.

This is one thing I would tell my athletes

As an ex Track and Field Jumps Coach I have experience of training Athletes of different age and abilities. I found that using sprint drills to help the athletes increase their run up speed could also help them with their jump.
For the younger athletes I would do a jump test against a wall and mark everyones heights before a training session and record them on my training record sheets.

I found that keeping track of their progress helped them improve as they had something to aim for.
I would use one training session a week to work on technique and the other to see if their jump heights had improved.

A training session would consist of a warm up then sprint an jump drills before the jump test. Then with the first training session I’d work on the scissor kick with the younger, newer athletes and the Flop with the older ones. With the second session I would let them do a few jumps to see if they had the technique right and if their jump height had improved.

I believe that self belief, using Drills bellow and with practice you can improve you vertical jump.

Drills I used

High-Knee Marching

High-Knee Running

Long Bounding Strides

Bounding Strides with Arm Swings

Jumping to Head a Suspended Volleyball

Squat Jump Over the High Jump Bar

The better your run up and arm action at start of jump phase the better you jump will be.


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