Where’s the fine print?

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‘Tis the season to be jolly and to deck the halls with all the great decorations to make our homes feel warm and cozy and to bring us holiday cheer, right?

A couple of weeks ago, my son and I visited one of the local pottery stores that carry a variety of household items that seem to suit the various cultural tastes that our diverse community is composed of. As simple as the store was constructed and designed, the reasonable prices reflects that as well.

My mission that day was to seek and purchase Christmas decor that would go on our Christmas tree and possibly lights or some sort of figure(s) with lights in hopes of greeting those that drove or walked by with the Chrismas touch. Since our theme this year centered around gold tones, we were quite fortunate in finding some really beautiful ornaments to put on the tree.

We strolled around the store and being drawn, as with a heavy-duty magnetic force, to every piece of pink-colored paper that reflected wonderful low prices that make you want to just buy everything in sight. Who could pass up a good sale on bedding? I saw comforter set that was on sale. How did I know? That pink paper with the word “SALE” with exclamation marks and the words “Manager’s Special” written under it. Can you believe it? The sign said $29.99 for a 7-piece Jacquard Comforter Set. With great disbelief, I still grabbed it and ran to the register. The cashier scanned it and it rang up the price that was programmed on the barcode, not the sale price. I disputed it and the cashier called to the manager over. The manager then tells me that the sales ad said the sale was on specified brands. Here’s the kicker, there were no brands specified. The manager and I took a little walk to the back and sure enough, there were no brand names listed and he had to honor the sale price.

Be careful when you’re out shopping this holiday season and any other time that you are out there. Make sure you read the fine print and if there is none, you have the right to the price listed as long as you know it is in black and white.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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