The Challenge

 While most people are seeking the thrills of summer. I am seeking employment all the while. I am fortunate that I still have a part time job, however the income from that is not making ends meet. the mony and hours are sporatic so the money is either more or less than what it should be.

  I also own a homebased business, yet here for me, trying to prove to people that this company I am apart of is not a scam is even harder.  The company is legit, yet people do not see it that way.  But sill having no income coming in is really bugging me. Even my car isn’t running, still I need money to have it repaired.  As always money is the challenge here.

  It may be all good that my girlfriend may be paying the bills, sounds good but not for me. I don’t like it that she have to shoulder the whole responsibility of paying all of the bills. I hate it and don’t like it. But I have thought of a challenge for myself. What can I Do for the summer?


1. Write as many blogs as I can, write, write, write. I am not sure who will read them. But at least I am keeping busy.

2. Continue my frustrated hunt for another career. I don’t know why people are holding my past against me. But I am a hard worker who needs to pay bills and have a honest living. (not sure selling drugs is the way to go. Yeah, only to jail- I am not loosing my freedom over that)

3. Build a strong network of friends and professionals as well as a business I dream to build from scratch.

  I forgot to mentioned, I’ve been hunting for a job since November. Care to ask? Well let me make it simple, I had to let my job go because the travel was too great a distance from home and was eating a hole in my pocket on gas. I’d love to go back to public school system in my hometown. Only If I get the call from the coordinator. It’s been two years as I am trying to get my foot back into the door of the winston salem forsyth county schools. But let me tell ya, I am going to come back stronger, wiser than ever before. I came out of a doomed and failed marriage stronger, I know I can come out of this mini crisis alot stronger.

My profession

  I’ve worked as an Educational Interpreter for almost a good twelve years. Of those twelve, I’ve worked as a Telecommunication Specialist or TANC ( the name has changed) for NC. I loved providing workshops and training to consumers/clients who didn’t know about resources readily availible.


 My goal is to emerge from this crisis stronger, better and wiser than ever before.  I am 36 years old, I have set goals that I intend to complete. But have been cut off at every turn I make. It’s hard when you have to struggle everyday. Worry about bills, rent, car payment, insurance. It’s all an headache if you ask me.

The challenge here is for me to write at least 20 blogs by the end of the month.  Where will it lead me? I have no idea, but will it help me rediscover myself?  Who knows, yet only time will tell.

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