Jump Higher, Run Faster with The Strength Training Shoe

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The Strength Training Shoestrength_shoes_thumbnail.jpg 

A funny looking shoe with a platform on the toe of the shoe. Well thats what you think! These shoes have helped me increase my vertical jump by at least 5 to 6 inches and im not done yet. Im 5’9 and am only 3 inches away from dunking. The rim seems effortless to touch now.

I recommend these shoes to anyone who is wanting to become more athletic regardless of the sport. These shoes will make you some much quicker and develop the calf muscles. They also increase the strength in your ankles and achillies tendon. I never wear ankle braces now because mine are so strong. They will bring a new kind of explosivness to your game. They have been safe and I have been injury free. If you use them correctly you will see improvements in your game. I warn you that these are not miracle shoes and like anything will take time and proper use to see improvements. As for the price…worth every penny!

I bought them and it was the best money I ever spent. I started using these funny looking shoes and before you knew it I was dunking volleyballs. If it werent for my small hands I think I would be very close to dunking. I even got my best friend to buy them and he has seen great improvments also.

They are durable and effective and will last! You can find them on Eastbay.com or at Strength-systems.com as well as other sport websites. Good Luck


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