Tear Stains on my Dog – Where do they come from and how can I get rid of them?

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A teardrop comes in contact with the fur and a chemical reaction occurs resulting in color change AKA stain. Before you can successfully treat you must find out if it is a health problem, such as entropia, or a cosmetic problem, as in natural tearing. A trip to the vet to have the eye examined will quickly answer your question and if a medical problem can be best handled by your vet. 
Hereditary can play a big part in staining. You will notice most white show dogs have little or no staining. Selective breeding has worked here as well as top nutrition and conditioning. I always start with asking what the breeder is feeding and are they conditioning/supplementing or if they are serving a special water such as filtered. Good breeders are a wealth of knowledge waiting to be tapped. Now if your breeders dogs are all stained you might want to skip asking them 🙂 If you have adopted or were unable to see your pets parents this will be harder to determine and may take longer to correct. Yes I did say “Correct” for if you work at it you can eliminate or reduce your pets staining. 
You will notice with pets that stain around the eyes that they also stain around the mouth or places they might lick, chew or sweat. This shows it has nothing to do with tears from the eyes but in actuality the pets own body PH. Since the stain is produced because of your pets natural PH you can start by altering the PH. Switch to foods that have no dyes, chemical preservatives or additives such as sugar in them. Switching to bottled or filtered water is sometimes all you need to do, just make sure you have your filtered water tested and the bottled water has no minerals or enhancer’s in it. Neutering your pet will help but it can take up to 6 months for the hormones to leave. The product Angel Eyes works both on the inside and out by having you add a supplement to the food as well as cleansing the area. Probably one of the best ways to eliminate staining, the downside is it can be costly. Follow directions and give it time for the result is well worth the wait. 
If you are already feeding the best and only have minimal staining then you should be able to solely treat topically. Eye Envy has been the show dog staple for years and is easy for owners to use. You MUST follow directions and be patient, some things take time 🙂 SPA products Blueberry Facial used weekly with a tooth brush or pedicure brush worked wonders on a Japanese Chin I showed who started out with an entire red face from staining. After a couple months of treatment she finished her Championship with a white face. I have had20clients earn great success with using baby wipes on their pet one to three times daily. This is quick, cost effective and most important keeps your pet smelling nice! I recommend the ones with aloe and no perfumes. Paul Mitchell makes a pet wipe that should work as well one to three times daily on the staining. The key to topical’s is to be consistent either daily or weekly as missing is a big setback. 
Get into a grooming routine with your pet and make it FUN! Think of treating the stain as a chance to give your pet a facial massage. Who would run from that? I like to do this after dinner so we all can relax and unwind from a hectic day. OK sleeping on pillows all day is not hectic for your pet but they like to make you think that. This gives you opportunity to tell your pet all about what made your day not so fun or fun. Think of it as the best therapy in town, you, your pet, massage ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. 


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