How to De-stress at the Office

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The hum of the systems, clicking of the keys, shuffling of feet coupled with the idle banter can have you lost, waiting to stick your head out for a breath of fresh air. Office, a place where we spend half our lives at some point does get to us.

When that happens you have to unwind, it’s easy! You have the controls and the choice is yours to switch channels. The first step is to want to tune out. Once your mind is open to variables at work, possibilities start to pop out of the walls. And this does not include converting cubicles into a little feng shui showroom or involve chimes, bells and nodding dolls that every office already has.

Sound therapy
Tune into a personal space that is devoid of the office sounds. Queue music, as it is the easiest way to tune out and headphones are as private as you can get. Speakers are like a concert in office with everyone on for the gig especially the lip syncers and sing-along-aloud-out-of-tune ones. So turn on the music and have your office tapping to a new groove.

Green therapy
You can’t take a pet to office unless you work at the zoo, with plants as the next best living thing to introduce to the office environment. Studies have shown that plants around the office help. But don’t go around watering every plant in the office and put the janitor out of a job. Simple, plant a seed, watch it grow, this will give you time to take a break, water the plant and just maybe a conversation with the little tree may help.

Metaphysical therapy
The head honchos know it, the world talks about it and yet we spend five minutes on wondering how to change the future rather than doing the now. Take five minutes out of office time, get to a quiet place — the terrace, a balcony, the fire escape, the bylane — wherever, but it should be quiet. Take time to meditate, breathe easy, breathe out the stress.

Now this won’t give you nirvana but it sure as hell will help you recharge your batteries. Your mind can take you places, it’s a magic carpet ride and if you haven’t tried it, you should.


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