Do You Have to Eat 20 Bananas in a Single Sitting to Go Raw?

If you have frequented any raw food forum, I’m sure you’ve come across some pretty interesting people.  Some people who eat little fruit, some people who eat little fat, some people who barely eat at all!
Then there are the truly “wacky” ones.  The raw foodists who claim to eat 20 bananas for just one meal.

How can this be?  Is it even possible?

Yes, friends, it is possible.  There are plenty of people who really do eat that much food in a single sitting.

I know what you’re thinking.  “So now that I’ve *finally* gotten a hold of eating just 3 small bananas in one sitting, you’re telling me that I have to eat 20!”

Not unless you are a very large man, a world-class athlete, or just someone who really likes bananas!

In fact, I have a secret to tell you…I have *never* eaten 20 bananas for a meal.

Why?  Because the amount of food you eat depends upon how many calories your own body requires.

According to, 20 medium-sized bananas is just over 2000 calories.  Now, at 5’4” tall and 108 pounds, there is simply no way I would need that many calories for one meal.  That’s actually how much I eat for an entire day!

The people who actually do eat that much fruit in one meal do so because their body requires it.  Generally, these people spend much of the day on their feet participating in intense activity.

On the other hand, I tend to spend much of my day on my butt participating in intense web-surfing. 😉

So when you meet those dedicated people who eat 20 bananas (or a huge amount of any fruit) for a meal, don’t sweat it.  Congratulate them on their raw food eating prowess and be thankful that you can save some money on your food bill.

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