The Real Difference Between Generic Drugs and Brand Name Drugs

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The Medical Facts

One will have to accept the reality that the pharmaceutical prescriptions for the use of drugs have to be adhered to. However, the effectiveness of the drugs is determined by the FDA approval which oversees the generic versions of particular brands or drug types. This is to ensure that there are genuine products and generics in the market both for the effectiveness of the medications and the wellbeing of the patient. There is a grave danger of using or introducing a foreign drug to the body system. This usually can be destructive or constructive depending on the manner of usage by the patient. The recommendations are thus held to ensure that right drugs are delivered rightly.

The Developments in History

In the year 2006, Wellbutrin XL 300, an anti-depressant, had an approval for human’s consumption. It was handy for the depressed and those with the symptoms. Later after it was sanctioned, there was an introduction of the generic Budeprion XL 300. This became cheaper and soon it was covering 40% of the total pharmaceutical advice. The outcome was complaints and counter by the practitioners and consumers in the medication and FDA conferences and online.

It became so apparent that any attempted medical transition from the original drug Wellbutrin to the generic version Budeprion was never as effective as it was with the original Wellbutrin XL 300. In some instances, it was noticed that the depression became linked to the reflections of the victims’ attempts to commit suicide which was rather the latest symptom observed at that time. This was rather strange and thus there was a need to locate the cause of the complications and the similarity between the drug Wellbutrin and its generic Budeprion.

Later in the same year 2006, the carried the initial test-tube test. Though not unanimously approved, it found out that the Budeprion emitted approximately 35% of its medical efficiency within the first two hours after consumption. Wellbutrin, on the other hand, emitted only 8% of the same. The expectation was that both were to be consumed once daily and had to be consistent in their dosage level for the whole day. The FDA eventually held a test of the same and the only difference was that the overall blood levels of the whole day medications were enough for the continued existence generic Budeprion in the market. The discoveries were amazing for the patients and the who had opted for the generic to save some cash on the drug.

The consequence of the FDA study was based on the previous study on the Wellbutrin XL 150 and Budeprion XL 150 for them to determine the effectiveness of the stronger drugs. The stronger ones were never tested by the FDA. For them, the strongest medications had a risk of harsh side effects in the brain. This prompted them to drop the phase for human testing. In order to approve the 300 mg versions, the FDA depended on the bioequivalence tests of the 150 mg versions of both medications.

Important for Use

For any patient who would feel the necessity to use or change from a drug prescribed to the generic version, it would be of good advice that he or she should pay a keen attention to the symptoms. The body responds to different medications introduced to the system differently. This is necessitated by the discrepancy in the brands and the body’s response and feelings. These normally should lead an individual to communicate with the physician or the doctor and the pharmacist. Similarly, one should contact the FDA with any related concerns and complications. An individual has always to be open and close to the doctor so that one can take appropriate actions for the effectiveness of the drugs and the generics. The complications are to be noticed and countered on time for the positive outcome of the entire exercise.


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