What is Open Content?

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Simply stated, open content is any sort of published creative work that can be copied and re-used without a license. Free encyclopedia sources like Wikipedia as well as free downloadable software are the sort of content that is labeled “openâ€. Open content can be viewed online or in some cases, it can be downloaded.


Several universities and online media group are taking advantage of the popularity of open source and are using the internet to make whole college courses, instructional videos and entertainment available for internet streaming, which is content that is available to watch online without downloading. Since this content is vast and varied, open content search engines have been created. Internet users can utilize these online search engines in order to find exactly what they are looking for amid the myriad of data now available via the internet.


There is a vast amount of open source information available to the average internet user on a download basis. Many of these downloads of anything from software to entire dictionaries are available free. It is always a good idea to make sure the download is free before proceeding. Also, with the advent of free downloads has come what is known as “Adware†or “Spyware.†These are viruses, which infect your computer during the download and cause pop-up ads and also track and record your internet usage and personal information. Always make sure that the open source download you are interested is 100% Adware and Spyware free. If it is, there will usually be a certificate displayed on the download page itself.


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