Capricorn and Gemini Love Compatibility – Capricorns and Geminis Relationship

Gemini is such a charming, sociable and happy person, you can’t help but feel drawn to your Gemini lover. Where you are quite shy, Gemini is always friendly and never seems to need to look for things to say to people. Therefore, when you’re out together, it feels really good to let your Gemini do all your talking for you.

Capricorn Gemini Compatibility Astrology

You are impressed with the ease in which Gemini gets on with just about anything. You are impressed by Gemini’s knowledge when he or she seems to know a little bit about everything. And you are intrigued by all Gemini’s stories. No matter what his or her age, they seem to have a wide variety of experiences. And because you are interested in people, you do love to listen to their tales even if you know them to be slightly exaggerated. Gemini is amusing company. You feel so happy when with your Gemini partner and as friends, you get on really well together.

Capricorn/Gemini Sexual Compatibility

But as lovers, there are differences in your needs, your outlook and your general lifestyles that might need a bit of working on. Indeed, this might need a LOT of working on! For as a Capricorn, you are serious about your romances. You are practical and determined. You have high ambitions for yourself and for your lover. But there’ll be some disappointment when you realise that your Gemini lover would rather live for the moment.

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