Gemini and Aquarius Love Compatibility – How Gemninis and Aquarians Get on with Each Other

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Everyone has a dream lover – a dream of what his or her ideal partner might be like. And it could well be that in your Aquarian partner, you have met the person of your dreams. Of all the signs, Aquarius is extremely like your own.

Gemini Aquarius Compatibility Astrology

For one thing you are both born under the Air element. This signifies your imaginative, dreamy, intellectual and quite romantic ways. You are both outgoing and you both enjoy the social side of your relationships. Indeed, no matter how heavy and strong this relationship gets, neither of you would expect the other to cut off ALL past relationships with the opposite sex.

There’s a very modern outlook in this partnership. You are attracted to your Aquarian partner. There is something ‘aloof’ about them that makes your Aquarian quite mysterious. Sometimes you wonder whether there are some things left unsaid when you talk together.

Gemini with Aquarius as Friends and Lovers

Sometimes you wonder whether Aquarian is being deliberately aloof … as if they don’t want to discuss their feelings and as if there’s a fear of getting too close to anyone. Well maybe this will be so. Certainly Aquarius is difficult to get to know on a personal level. But if anyone’s going to get really close to someone born under the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Gemini, IT COULD BE YOU! So, have patience and let this relationship develop in its own way. And eventually you will feel as if you and your Aquarian lover were really meant to be. You don’t like to give a lot of thought to the practical affairs in life.

Things like who is going to pay the bills, who is going to the supermarket and what you are going to have for supper. Sometimes other more interesting things get in the way and your cupboards can get as empty as Old Mother Hupbard’s!

Gemini/Aquarius Relationship

Now your Aquarian partner can be just like you in that respect. So in a long-term relationship, eventually there will need to be some organisation. You will have to draw up a rota and be sure to stick to it. Otherwise you might be expecting Aquarius to see to certain chores, he or she will expect you to be doing them and some things might never get done. And when it comes to paying bills especially, remember that these will have to be a priority. But, that’s just talking about the practical affairs in life. And together, you do make a fine couple.

There’s lots of fun here. Romance is exquisite and you really do feel as if you’ve found a perfect lover. For on a physical level, again I see basic compatibility. Neither Gemini or Aquarius are ‘extremely’ physical signs. Of course you do both enjoy a little light exercise every now and again, there’s no doubt about that. But when we’re talking about ‘passion’ well .. Sometimes there are other more stimulating things that tend to take up your time! And just as long as you both agree, well, that’s all right!

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