Sex or love- What men really want?

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Sex or love? This is a highly debated topic: men want just sex and the only reason why they are committed in relationships, at least at first, is to receive as much sex as they want. Honestly speaking, some men don’t want more than just 20 minutes of wild sex, but others are willing to accept all those nice words before and after sex.

There are men who want sex only

Yes, there are men who want nothing more than a fast relationship and a way out of that relationship even faster. But, as much as men love to have sex, most agree that the sex is not enough to keep a strong relationship. More than half of men say that they wouldn’t accept only a sexual relationship without getting involved emotionally.

Do men want only sex and are they gone as soon as they have achieved their goal? Or the men are those who get married with the woman they love? Well, for most men the sex represents just one part (a very sweet one) of an entire relationship.

A myth created by women

In fact, I think this myth was created by women who have failed in their relationship, whose feelings were not shared as they would have liked, and who had the heart broken by a man.

They didn’t understand that a relationship is based on reciprocity – and if the partners don’t have the same feelings, the relationship can’t go further.

Haven’t you ever left a man who claimed that he loved you just because you haven’t shared his feelings?

Men aren’t different from women regarding the things they wish. They look too for that unique person who will make them happy for a lifetime. Women don’t realize that men can also get involved in a relationship as much as they do. Sure, most men yearn for a sexual escapade worthy of a Hollywood movie, but in essence they are not so superficial as we think. Because after they will get bored of sex they will want to fall in love foolishly, and to offer themselves completely to the woman of their life.

The sex doesn’t save a relationship

Men define the union between them and women not only by the intimate approach during the sexual act, but throw the intimate approach during their interminable discussions. If the erotic side is satisfactory, then a good relationship can be transformed into an extraordinary one, but if the relationship is bad, then even the greatest sex in the world can’t save it, doing nothing more than to extend it more than it should.

There is clearly a segment of the men population who plays the role of the bad guy, but that guy represents the exception, ruining the other’s reputation. Perhaps his life experiences, disappointments in love or just education made him to be like this, but this isn’t what we’re interested in right now. What we care about is that most men really want to have a stable relationship.

What means the sex for a man?

Well, a great sexual relationship on a long term doesn’t mean much if the relationship is shaky. Men report things to the way in which they are treated outside and outside the bedroom. The sex is not enough to keep a man next to you. If he’s not satisfied of your spirit and personality, he will find a way to release himself in the end.


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