Hiking/Camping to stay in shape.

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Hiking/Camping can be a great way to stay in shape and get healthy. Hiking is a wonderful way to shed some excess pounds. There are many places you can enjoy a hike. It does not have to be in the woods or mountains. You can choose to go anywhere you want and take a stroll. Make sure you do not go on private land or property unless you first get the permission of the owner. If you would like to make your trek more challenging uses a backpack and weight it down. Be sure not to over do it. If you make you trip to hard you may not want to do it again. Take water with you and stay hydrated. Wear proper clothing and shoes.

Camping is another way to keep healthy. Camping is not as strenuous as hiking but can help keep you fit. To get the most health benefits out of it be sure to rough it as much as possible. If you are allowed to build a camp fire try and dig the fire pit yourself. Then you can go and get rocks and put around the ring. Chop the wood you will be burning yourself. Do not go out and spend good money on already cut logs. Use that extra money you will save and get something good to cook. If you are at a lake or river swimming is a great way to burn some calories. Cook good healthy foods and drink plenty of water and try to stay away from carbonated or sugary drinks.

No matter what activity you choose hiking/camping is healthy and fun and can be enjoyed alone, with friends, or as a family. Millions of people every year take up the sport of hiking/camping and make it a lifelong endeavor. Ultimately you just want to find one you will enjoy or you might enjoy both. Just be safe and have fun.


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