How to have a boyfriend in 30 days

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The summer has come and the abundance of light makes you feel better and better. And still, something misses; and you know that you must find a nice guy as soon as possible; in one month, exactly. How to do it?

The first step is to get to feel good with yourself. Go back to the gym, take art classes, and spend your evenings walking your dog.

By spreading everywhere love and a feeling of happiness is similar to sticking a banner on you that says: I’m free and I’m very hot! As you get more comfortable with yourself and happy with the life you have, as more you will attract someone.

You won’t find the right boyfriend immediately, but with each new acquaintance you’ll be closer to the ideal partner.

Think about that each event in your life that involves other people means a new piece from the puzzle of a future stable relationship. What should you know? Give up the stereotypes that keep you far one from another and that don’t allow any creativity (for example: he’s not too tall, he smokes, he doesn’t has the nose as I want, he doesn’t go out in clubs…).

Very often we get stuck in details and miss the really important things that could happen beyond these barriers.

Don’t have too many expectations. Don’t dream that you won’t be disappointed, don’t look into the eyes of the first man you see and don’t imagine yourself as being his wife before getting to know him for real; be natural and forget that at this moment you are alone.

Here are 6 practical tips that will help you in finding the perfect partner:

1. Live your life. Don’t give up activities, but spend your time outside, with your friends, discovering new hobbies and things you love to do;

2. Dare at least as a game to accept a blind date, to flirt online or even to know the son of your neighbors recommended by your mom; you never know who you’ll discover;

3. Go on!  If you know that a certain guy doesn’t have what you want from a man, don’t insist anymore and don’t expect from him to change his behavior. Each new date with the wrong man means to miss a date with the man of your dreams.

4. Don’t be ashamed. Keep the eye contact, smile, initiate discussions. Nothing is more interesting than a person who stays in touch with the real world.

5. Don’t get dress, don’t behave, and don’t live only to have a partner. Keep alive your interests for humanitarian actions and art; the emotional part will be just a complementary need.

And when the time comes, you’ll meet the right man!


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