Effective Tips to get him back

“How do I get him back?” It is a pretty difficult question, but still correct, because if you want to seduce him again, you must make him to want you back.

It’s pretty hard to pass through a breakup and although it seems that you’re the only one who wants to be a couple again, there are always methods to make him desire the same. If you try enough to do everything in the right way starting from this moment, you can have a future with your ex, no matter how the past looks like.

What to do

First you have to agree with your breakup (even if you feel something else). You must make your ex to understand that it the breakup was necessary and that you have nothing against it; that you feel good…very good. Tell him that you thought very much and you reached the conclusion that this was the best solution.

Make him feel your absence

Ok, this is the hardest part, because it’s not easy when he is omnipresent in your mind, to not be impulsive. But it is very important: try to seem unavailable. Don’t call him and if he tries to call you, be nice, but make a brief conversation. Tell him that you’re busy for the moment, but that he may come back with a phone. Don’t look yourself desperate. The key is to make him come back to you. If you stop giving him so much importance, even the most arrogant man returns to you.

What you mustn’t do

First and primarily, do not harass your ex with calls, SMS messages, emails or visits. Don’t try to call him 20 times a day, even if he doesn’t answers. This has only one name: harassment. Do this and you certainly make him run away from you faster than you believe. Honestly now, anyone would feel pissed off by such an attitude.

Don’t be desperate. Men are not attracted by desperate women. They like women who can take care of themselves and who don’t need a man to feel fulfilled. Offer him the image of an independent and self confident woman and the changes to make him come back to you will increase considerably.

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