Start a Christmas tradition with your family.

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Christmas traditions are a fun thing to do with the family. They help insure that Christmas memories are made to last a lifetime. Why not start your own family tradition this Christmas. Here are some ideas.

TRIM THE TREE: Have all of your immediate family members trim the tree together. This may be easier to do, because you can pick a Saturday before Christmas, when everyone isn’t too busy and have them stay home to trim the tree. Christmas time can be hectic, so you may want to choose a tradition that doesn’t have to take place on Christmas day.

MAKE BREAKFAST: Take time to start making a big Christmas morning breakfast. This will allow your family to be able to set down at the table together and catch up on what’s been going on throughout the holiday season and even make plans for New Years Day. Serve up a big dish of breakfast casserole or Strawberry Stuffed French Toast. Yum! Your family will love this Christmas day tradition.

SEE A MOVIE: Not many places of business are open on Christmas day, but the movie theater is one exception. The movie theather is open on Christmas day and many times there is a new movie that comes out on Christmas day. This year you and your family could start seeing the “new movie” that comes out on Christmas day as a tradition. Then continue to see the “new Christmas day movie” year after year. This is a great way for the family to spend time together on Christmas day.


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