The Hard Work of Promoting Content


I began writing online about a year ago and still the worst part of it is promoting your content. I find myself working tremendously hard trying to figure out the right nitche. The first writing site I joined was Triond. In the beginning it was fun and exciting thinking about getting thousands of page views and making some money. It took me almost four months to make a dollar. I was devestated.

The next site I joined was Bukisa which to be honest in the beginning I was quite excited. If I got some people to join under me then I would not only make money from my own content but also a percentage of theirs. I got a couple friends and began slow process of trying to promote my articles there too. Till date I have made almost $50. from Bukisa and over $200. from Triond.


I still have not found the majic way to get more page views no matter what I try. I have joined many social bookmarking sites and they help a bit but do not seem to have the power Iam looking for. I promote my articles to search engines and also to my friends. I leave comments in forums with my link of course, but still there seems to be some lack of something cause my page views do not seem to top more than they did before.

I did some research on these paid to write sites and have found that no matter how hard you promote and try to reach the top of the seach engines it just does not seem possible. I also found that on another site I am on after creating a meta tag and seeing what the search engines see that the site is turned off. I have not figured out what that means except if it is turned off then the page views do not seem to add up.

I love to write but I hate to promote and it is very discouraging to say the least. I am on a low budget so paying someone else to promote my articles does not seem to be an option.

Through many hours of reading and trying to figure out the majic to get my stuff out there acros the internet I have found there is no majic codes, no majic anything just hard work. If anyone knows the secrets for working your way to the top without soending hours promoting please share the information with all of us.

I wrote an article awhile back about Stumble Upon which is a good site to promote your content to. Beware though on this site if you only promote your stuff they will ban you from Stumble. This works really good though if your friends stumble your articles. The problem is if you only have a few friends then trying to get your information out does not work so well. I try my best to be a good stumbler and promote as many articles as I can that my friends write and also review them too.

Another article I wrote was about Article Submission this post only got me 107 views and it was published June 9th. Why I am not sure except maybe the meta tag was not exactly right or the key words were not the right ones. It seems like a science to learn SEO. Keyword density ya I have tried my best to work on that too but sometimes I hit sometimes I do not.

So for now I continue to learn the techniques of SEO for my coontent and hope soon I will find what I am looking for in the promotion part of the internet world.

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