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With a sushi bar on every corner eating raw fish seems to have a few draw backs. A man in Chicago who loves this delectable ended up with a 9 foot tape worm. He loves sushi but did not seem to enjoy the living worm who moved into his stomach. After his examination and the doctors diagnosis he decided to sue the restaurant where he ate for $100,000.

Raw fish is filled with parasites so chowing down on it can send you to the hospital with an unwelcome guest in your tummy. The symptoms of these giants are some pain, they can suck the vitamins from your body, cause anemia and certain types can even burrow themselves into the walls of your stomach requiring you to have surgery.

Tape worms have been on the rise with the new trend of eating sushi. I am not sure about you, but even if I was starving I would not eat raw fish. Salmon seems to be a big culprit with tape worm cases tripling from last year, but most fish have parasites.

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