How to build credit from scratch

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Below you will find a few tips on how to build your credit.

Step 1creditreport_Thumb.jpg
* Check Your Credit*
To make sure that no one has been using your credit, you need to check your credit regularly, because of identity, and to also to see what your credit score.

There are many company that allow you to check your credit for free, such as

Step 2

* Joint Credit*If you do not have a good credit or an established credit history , the best way to boost your credit score is to partner with someone who has a good credit. This can be done by letting the person adds you to his/her credit cards, as that person will be imported to yourcredit bureau file. Make sure this person is a person who can trust and he/she has an excellent credit history, because his/her mistakes would also become yours

Step 3

*Secured credit card*Since most people either have a bad credit or no credit history, most time it is hard to get a regular credit card, therefore obtaining secured credit card , can help. A good place to start will be a credit union if you have one. You will have to deposit money to open this type of account, and your credit limit will be based on your deposit, but eventually based on how you pay your monthly balance, your limit will increase, and convert to a regular unsecured credit card after 12 to 18 months.

Step 4

*Store card*Obtaining a store card from department stores such as Sears, Victoria Secret, can help boost your credit score. These cards don’t do as much for your credit scores as a bank card.


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