How to Avoid Online Identity Theft

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Step 1mcfee_Thumb.jpg*Obtain Security software *
Download security software such as McAfee and ensure that they are frequently updated. There are free security software and some require membership, so if you have an annual fee to renew your subscription when you are notified.

Step 2

*Password*Most people tend to use one password for everything they do online, this is the biggest mistake most of us make. If a person manages to gain access to your computer, then they automatically get a free access to all your information and accounts.Ensure that you password have a combination of letters , symbols and numbers, and change your password at least every 2 months, especially if you use other computers that is not your personally computer, such as computer from a cafe, work etc

Step 3

*Downloading*Not every thing that comes to our email we need to download. Most free offers that you download come with spyware, and this how our information sometimes are stolen.If you need to download free software go to website such as

Step 4

*Check Web Address*There are many emails that are sent from so called company pretending e.g bank of America. Telling you to reset your password. If you don’t look carefully, you would not have notice that the email said or .org. If an e-mail message asks you to update your password, account number, or other information, don’t take the bait, check to ensure that information requested is coming from the company itself. If in doubt call the company customer service to verify the information.


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