How to do a french manicure

Step 1

*Preparing nails*

Remove all nail polish from nails with a cottonball soak in nail polish remover. Wash hands and soak in warm water with conditioner applied to the cuticles

Next use a orangewood stick to push back the cuticles. Then use honey and oatmeal mix togather to form a paste, to exfoliate the skin, leave on for 5 minutes.

Wash with warm water then pat and dry

Step 2

Use nail cliiper to clip nail to desire length,then shape the nails by filing evenly. When filing, remember to move in one direction, because filing from outer corner to centre-sawing movements can damage the nail plate

Step 3

Apply thin layer of base coat to each nail and let dry for a few minutes.

Step 4
Next carefully apply sticky strips to use a guide, and apply white hue to the area. Make sure your hands are steady when applying the color. If you require a straight look paint a straight line across the tips and for a rounded appearance, follow the curve of the nail.Allow tip to dry and apply a second coat depending on the thickness desire.

Step 5

Then use a transparent pink or nude color to paint the entire nail to seal the whitened tip and complete the look. Allow to dry for 15 – 20 minutes. Apply a clear topcoat to protect nails and give extra sheen.Use a cotton ball soak in remover or Qtip soak in nail polish remover to remove extra white tips around the area.


Tips & Warnings

  • Apply base coat at nights for longer lasting nials

  • Always make sure your nails are properly dry before you touch anything

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