Christain Drug Rehab

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Christain Drug Rehab

As you may know an individual’s religion can play a big part in their Drug Rehabilitation. Of course, many religions have their own ways on how to go about life, what is right and what is wrong, how they interpret things, and how they affect an individual. Christian drug rehab has a core belief that religion plays a significant role in the rehabilitation process. Muslim drug rehabilitation process borders around the religion’s own teachings and ritual practices along with support from former drug addicts of the same faith. However in a Buddhist viewpoint addiction is seen as overactive desire sense that can be harmful. Religious based drug rehab can be affective and more successful than the average drug rehabilitation process.

Christian rehab centers are based on Scriptures from the Bible. The Scriptures will influence the person in rehab, that addiction is a sin, along with being upsetting towards God. With regular therapy, Christian drug rehab includes getting the individual to fill in a “spiritual void” to get them closer with God and his teachings. Persons undergoing rehab will learn how to live sober with the help of Jesus Christ using faith-based principles in everyday life. As with most rehabilitation methods, Christian drug rehab uses the detox method which they believe will be the first step towards recovering from the drug addiction. When the physical dependency has ended with the help of detox, Christian rehabilitation centers will usually being with the spiritual methods to ensure that the individual undergoing drug rehab does not have a relapse. Christian drug rehab methods believe that drug addiction is a disease, and that only learning to accept God’s love and obey his teachings can the real recovery begin.

The pros of Christian drug rehabilitation is the person undergoing rehab will have the in their mindset that God’s loves them, and that their addiction is displeasing to God. It will help the individual have another reason to give up drugs for good. They will be more likely not to have a relapse in fear of God punishing them or being upset. It can make the person a better individual overall. With most drug dependents, they are known to withdraw from daily activities and others including family and friends. With the teachings from Christian drug rehab they will open up to others and start being that great family member, mother, father,  or best friend, that they once were. However, the cons of Christian drug rehab can be that the person may not be an avid believer of the teachings and have a relapse. They may ask question such as, “Why did God make this happen to me?” “Why not someone else?”, They may also question “Why has God never been there for me?” In other words, the person may just not accept the procedures that go along with Christian rehab and may decide to seek help from non-religious struck drug rehab center. In Christian drug rehab, it is important to let the individual know that God cares for them, and that is only through God himself that the person will finish recovery and live a life serving, obeying, pleasing, and loving God.

In conclusion, Christian based drug rehabilitation is a great method in stopping drug abuse among people. In my opinion, it will decrease the probability of the person having an ugly relapse since it is religious based and most people are serious when things concern and border around the religion of their choice. Christian drug rehab can be affective even for non-believers so that can learn and accept God into their daily lives and learn that the only way to avoid relapses is through God, family, detox, and the people at the  Christian drug rehab centers themselves making this all happen with the power and love of God.


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