Bachelorette 5 final finale spoilers: Will Reid come back and propose?

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              On this week’s Bachelorette 5 July 13, 2009 things really got hot and cold. Jillian Harris had 3 amazing dates, but with Reid not exactly telling Jillian how he really feels he got the boot in the end. Jillian now has two men remaining, which is Kiptyn and Ed. I still feel Ed will be your winner of the Bachelorette 5 like I said in the beginning, because rumors are that Kiptyn Locke will be your next Bachelor. With 2 men left on the Bachelorette 5 we all know there has to be more drama left before the finale. So with that in mind here is what I think might happen.

              We already know from Ed’s video how much he really does love Jillian and wants to propose to her, but Kiptyn I feel has a few things hiding in the closet that he just can’t express to Jillian. Does Kiptyn have a wall up like Jillian said last night? Maybe Kiptyn is leading us all up to more drama and will be your final winner, but be dumped by Jillian in the end. To me that would definitely be a huge kick in the butt.

            Poor Reid really did care for Jillian, but was it enough to make the marriage Jillian was looking for? A great way to end the Bachelorette 5 finale would to have Reid come back to tell Jillian that he loves her and propose. Jillian would be so confused she first chooses Kiptyn dumps him and accepts Ed’s proposal. After Jillian accepts the proposal from Ed Reid comes flying in to claim his love for Jillian. Now that’s some major drama that will definitely be one of the biggest twists in Bachelorette history as Chris Harrison would say. Only time will tell what will really happen on the Bachelorette 5, but mark my word Jillian will be crying a lot in the finale, and there will be a few more dramatic twists to end the show. I just hope Jillian will finally be happy. If ABC is looking for more people to watch they really should have Jake the pilot as the next Bachelor instead of Kiptyn. There is just something about Kiptyn that I can’t figure out, but I really feel a bad vibe about him.


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