The effective way to run a credit check on a propective tenant

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First, it is totally forbidden to directly run credit checks on prospective tenants because France is a country where fundamental individual rights are highly respected. When someone want to rent an apartment or whatever, there are certain required documents he must produces, which without will be difficult for him to have what he want to rent.

1)      There are two major ways a prospective tenant can rents the apartment he wants; either he approaches the housing agent or he goes to the individual prospective landlord directly without having to pay agent fee, which is required of him by the housing agent.

2)     A prospective tenant DO NOT pays any charges for credit checks in France. If he passes through the housing agent, he only pays for the agent fee, which is normal with all housing agents.

3)     When a prospective tenant comes, first he will be given an agent- form to fill plus a piece of paper that listed all the important documents. This is notable with the housing agents.

4)     If he goes directly to individuals who are renting out their apartments, he will be asked to bring just these documents, which are also part of what the housing agents require.

5)     Documents are;

a)     Previous three months pay slips. For instance, if he comes to rent in June, he must bring his previous pay slips of MAY, APRIL & MARCH

b)     Working Contract letter. There are different kinds of working contracts in France. Permanent Working Contract (CDI), Temporal Working Contract (CDD) and several others.  The working contract shows the professional situation of the prospective tenant and determines if either the housing agent or the individual prospective landlord will give the apartment to the prospective tenant or not. When a prospective tenant is on permanent working contract (CDI), he has speed chance of being given the apartment without any doubt because they knew he has the fixed means of paying.

c)      Identity Card; the photocopy of his identity card will help the prospective tenant a lot as the housing agent or the individual prospective landlord will have a check if the prospective tenant is legal, permanent or crime free resident in France. This is very important.

d)      Housing contract of former abode; the prospective tenant MUST produce the housing contract and attestation of where he lives previously. There will be to confirm if he lives there truly or not.

e)     Telephone, internet, gas, electricity subscription charges bills. Keeping bills is very important in France and very vital to be available in such cases when required from a prospective tenant

f)       Notice of Tax. A prospective tenant will produce photocopy of notice of tax to know later verify if he is a tax payer or not, which is obligatory in France.

g)     Finally a document assuring his caution as well as stating that he is capable of paying his rent.

These documents determine whether the prospective tenant is responsible and trusted enough to be given the apartment.

It is impossible for any prospective tenant to produce any false documents or think he can boycotts producing these above required documents.


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