How to exercise to help embrace your own duality

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The expression of thought will help you understand yourself and nature as a whole. It’s the universal field of intelligent and wisdom that create endless understanding and behaviour.

Everyone you see around you is actually a reflection of ourselves, in which every tract within each individual you see becoming more clearly in others. In other words, the one you see becomes stronger in others and hence it’s termed as the mirror of relationship.

When you admire someone is due to that he or she has a common interest or even same trait with you. For the same reason, people who keep you annoying are those who have qualities denied by you. So, you’re certain that strong negative reactions are those unwilling moments that you wouldn’t like to embrace within yourself. You wouldn’t be annoyed with the connection, if you’ve heart to accept those qualities and behaviours in yourself.  

When you come to recognize your tract and even everything you see deeply into yourself, you’ve begun to learn about you. But more importantly, you’ve expanded your expression into a mutual awareness, experience and consciousness. From here, you go through a process of emotional revolution, spiritual freedom and mentality awareness. At this stage, you’ll come to know that you’re the oneness of the whole. In other words, you’re part of a wonderfully crafted organism, knowing that you’re embraced into an invisible whole….

Here’re some exercises to help you embracing into duality:

First, think about someone you find very attractive, impressive and memorable.

Second, take a piece of paper and start listing down ten or more qualities you like that person. List quickly as you can so that your mind will be boosted to conscious each time your thought is flowing. You can write down as many qualities you desire, but don’t stop listing until you’ve at least ten.

Third, focus on someone who ruins you, hates you, irritates you, or those who makes you feel uncomfortable in certain ways.

Forth, you ask yourself why this person infuriates you so much. On the right side of the paper, list at least ten of these undesirable qualities.

Fifth, look at the list of person you find attractive and circle the three qualities you find most appealing about her or him.

Sixth, look at the list of person you find unattractive (on the right side of the paper) and circle three qualities you find most repulsive.

Seventh, read the 6 qualities you circled out loud. You may see yourself in all of these qualities.

Finally, look into yourself into others. Now, you’ll find much easier to connect yourself with them and you’ll discover unity consciousness.


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