Respect your masters still …

Respect your masters still …

brotee mukhopadhyay

Respect your master. This you have learned from your parents. You have tried to impart this value in your child and you have taught him to obey his teachers in the class and outside the class too. Your parents have taken care to teach you that you will not learn properly unless you honor your teachers. Right from the days of the Vedas this is the practice in India. In different parts of the globe there is definitely no second thinking in this respect. ‘Acharyodevo Bhabo’—you will find this line in the Vedas. ‘Consider your teacher as god’ – this is the meaning. (Acharyo = teacher and devo = god).

But your child may earn wild experiences in the school. He may find animal instincts in the nature of his teacher. He may have a teacher who is a sadist by constitution. Your child may have never come across such a cruel element in the short span of his life. The concerned teacher may be an idiot too. He may have been recruited on the influence of any political party. He may have secured this job bribing a person in the authority. The interviewers during the process of his recruitment have no means to measure the level of meanness accumulated in him.

Yes, you will find such teachers in different schools in India and also in many other countries. It is a great loss for a child who finds such teachers at the start of his life. This leaves a deep scar in his heart and the scar may remain alive even when he will be an adult. It is also a great loss to the nation to which the child belongs. He will be in difficulties to feel free and to venture freely in an unacquainted domain.

You are not at all equipped to face the problem. It is always true that you will hardly proceed to the future unless you respect your predecessors.

Hence the question of re-consideration arises. You will have to prepare your child from very early days of his life so that he may be able to cope up with the inevitable odds of life. You will have to teach him to find the reason and take steps accordingly even if this may lead him at times reach to a wrong decision. Thus a child of your time is asked to prove himself as responsible as a grown up person. You still do not know if such prescription will benefit him or not as you know well that this is simply an experiment. And you will not be able to complete your sentence when you will tell your loving kid ‘respect your masters still….’

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