a deadly meeting witha ghost…!!

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I was really disturbed those days and used to go to a river bank every night 1’o clock. That day I was really crying that was a day which just buried me I got a news that I was failed in my exams. as usually I was going to that bank and wanted to have some peace in my mind. I was totally in mood of suicide and was feeling really defeated in my life.

     I was on my way that day was having something different as I was walking I started forgetting about all my problems and a type of fear came in my mind. I thought may be there is no moon light and a really hollow winds were going on , may be because of that I have got this feeling. I moved forward and sat on my place where I used to sit. Well that day is unforgettable.

    I confirmed the situation as there were lots of news of spirits or ghosts in that area, i was curious but a bit scared too. I was not in mood to investigate that time as I was really sad. But suddenly a voice came like any person is sitting besides me. I was about to turn but he said “don’t turn or you will be buried here .” I thought he must be joking and I turned but there was nothing. Again a voice came that this time please don’t turn and just listen to me. I agreed and started listening to him.

     He told me that a spirit will be killing me next time whenever I will enter the bank area but that person was not happy with that news too. And said that he don’t like anyone to be killed by any spirit but what to do with a simple addiction. Then he asked for a cigarette and I gave him one he touched a part of it and the cigarette turn into ashes at once. He said that just consider your body instead of it.

     I asked him for his identity he said that when you will enter this area next time you will be knowing my identity as I am that spirit which just wants to kill you. I asked for the reason and you will be amazed that his answer was “just for fun!!” then he said me to leave that place and I too went from there.

Next night I was not able to stop myself and just went to that place again , nobody was there but after 2 hours a sound came from the same place as last night .. you are brave enough you can turn around. MY GOD!! It was a creature without his head the blood was shwering out from his neck and he was standing … and just a soung was there … I asked from where this sound is coming … he told me that it sis only possible with you as after 9 years I have got contact with someone . I wanted a daring friend and I got you .. after that time I used to go there most of the nights .. but after some time I left the city and also left my friend lonely.


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