Age is just a number, we are as old as our perceptions….

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Here’s My 12 Year Old Niece for You…

Hi all!

Many of you must be knowing that my sister, with the two kids, have come over for the summer holidays. The kids are just driving me nuts, I am loving it though. In my endeavor to sneak in some me-time, I asked my 12 year old niece to write something just to keep her engaged. And guess what, she made some wonderful slides! I wish I could post the presentation here (will try)! Nevertheless, here is the unedited text.

So here’s DIYA for you……


Diya Ray
12 yr, Dubai, UAE

What is the world?

The world is not so simple to understand and cope up with. Its complex and some people can become successful in this difficult situation. It’s once in a while that we get an opportunity to show our talent and capability and we must make the uttermost use of it. It’s very hard to develop and identity in this rough and tough world and once you have earned a name it’s very important to maintain it. As we all know it’s hard and takes time to earn a good impression but takes just a minute to ruin it so it’s very important to keep this in mind.


There are lots of people who have struggled hard to gain a position and their own place in the world. Even if we can’t help them we can at least respect them. It’s our job as a citizen of the country we belong to respect other citizens and their existence. Only some people are gifted as well are born with sheer luck. There’s no end to joy for them but overconfidence is the end to everything. Hence there is believed to be a room for improvement, desire and fraternity in every person. Of course some may not seem to be that positive or powerful in the world as mentioned but there’s no harm in trying again and again. I will not say try, try and you will succeed but try hard and come with optimism and then you will succeed.

Definition of LIFE

Life is a very complicated thing which includes everything that’s to be learnt and visualized by a person. It’s not everyone who can understand it and live according to it. The key to a happy and content life is to learn to adjust to everything. Now it might seem like a million dollar question that how can a person who is born and brought up in America settle in a very small village in Orissa but lots have turned out to be capable of doing so and it’s definitely not magic but what the world defines as will power. It’s not easy to live an ordinary life if you are the son of a huge superstar but people who are presentable in such a matter then they are said to be the people who know the real meaning of life. All this is not plain gossip but also a sign of motivation and dedication.


There are lots of different situations to be faced by each individual and most of them are faced while the period of adolescence and adulthood. It’s very critical for each and every individual to face these situations correctly and not come to any abrupt or most importantly silly situation that might harm our lives in the future. We should let our upbringing remain in the hands of our parents but we must rightly supervise the weighty decisions. Communication skills in the present world is a very essential ingredient to be present in a kid till his or her 70’s since they help us out to handle the world . The 2 really simple things about situations when faced one is their seriousness and their impact on our lives. Hence no decision is supposed to be taken in a sudden hurry.


Choice is something which is classified as the most confusing yet crucial times when we need to listen and understand our heart. The hardest thing about such choices is that when you lose something it could symbolize one of the most terrifying or amazing moments in our lives. If we lose something it is to gain something goes absolutely right in the case of a choice but it is also the twist to choose the correct option since you get just one chance and of course a choice represents the importance of individuality. It’s just not in the case of choosing that people go wrong but also the very important hidden truth behind it.


Judgment relates to choice but there is a great difference between a choice and a judgment that common people of this very world often seem to overlook and that is that a choice usually comes upon by luck and does affect the lives of everyone it’s related to and a judgment is a decision of a powerful position which usually is called as the judge not affecting his or her life. A person has to be equally careful while judging someone as well as choosing someone. The key to the right decision to keep reviewing the details and keeping the heart clean and clear.


Words contain a great depth. They express what is heartfelt and convert emotions in the form of words. It is very vital to use the correct words and pay attention to the very minute details of our speech. It’s not always possible to do this but develop a habit of doing so. In case we commit a mistake then the magic words are always there to assist us and that I personally think play an extremely notable role in our daily life and should be existing in each one’s vocabulary. Oh! I’m not talking about ‘avada ke dabra’ or ‘choo mantar’ but our words with great magnitude such as a simple’ thank you’ or ‘sorry’ or ‘x-cuse me’ which are forgotten but are most used and valuable and never thanked themselves. Life’s complexity includes the challenging world of words.


Words are responsible for making and breaking relationships. It’s the words that to me play the central task in my and I’m sure in most lives. Words are just not plain statements but contain a great story in them once they are pronounced. sometimes we fail to understand what some words mean and react unknowingly, that to me is a very big mistake and can totally alter the circumstance. The greatest discovery ever made would have to be the alphabets which give us infinite advantages and makes everything so clear and simple. Even if words do have a great significance in our lives it’s up to us human beings to maintain their standard and not at least let ourselves down.

So, don’t worry be happy

Even if the world is a circle of analysis and conclusions, it is after all our world and it is our responsibility to protect it against all varieties of risks.

Thanks Diya for this!


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