Good sportsmanship

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Good Sportsmanship can always be taught if the child will listen. A coach that has a good rapport with their athletes, can engage them and get them to listen, this is a sign of a good coach and it is these coaches that have a good chance of having good athletes with respect for others and the sport they compete in.

Parents can be a hindrance at meetings/games but they only want their child to do well. If they get agitated and start shouting at the officials then a good coach/team representative can help by talking to them and trying to calm the situation, while still encouraging them to cheer for the team.

For a coach to set a good example they should not smoke, drink, speak to people in a derogatory way or swear in front of their athletes, as it is these things that you want your athletes to avoid. An athlete should be able to look up to their coach with respect.

It is up to coaches and parents to instill in their children the idea that what professional athletes like Dwain chambers did is wrong and that drugs are bad. This is not easy for a parent as a lot of children like to do the opposite of what their parents say and this is where the coach’s role as a friend comes in, because if athlete respects their coach in the same way they do a friend then they will more likely listen to them and take in what is said.

So it is possible in the right circumstances to teach the value of sportsmanship to young athletes in this age of doping, you just have to go about it the right way.

One of the best ways to teach a child about good sportsmanship is by running training games where you can teach them the rights ad wrong of the game/event. Always praise your athletes when they do something good and tell them when they do something wrong. A reward scheme is a good idea as this will help them realise that doing the wrong thing will get them nothing. At the end of the event teach the athletes to congratulate/commiserate each other as this is a part of sportsman like conduct that will help them gain friends across the sport.

So coaches engage your athletes in the sport, make it interesting for them and teach good sportsmanship through competitiveness and reward them for showing it, mabe have a mothly award for the best sprotsmanship, giving the athlets something to aim for.

The other thing that needs to be done is something Dwain Chambers has done ad that is to tell kids that what he did was wrong and he regrets doing it as those that have ben there can often help people understand more about what drugs can do to you, your life and your career.


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