clean up the dirt on the shirt

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Believe it or not, the stain is sometimes similar to the wash when a complicated mathematical problem. so that the stain can be lost without you have to be desperate, the following 10 tips can be used as a grip.
1. Fast Acting
For new stains, the process will be more easily removed. In other words, you must act quickly to do directly with matters relating to the business at the time of the incident stain.
If the stain stick on the type of fabric that can not wash yourself, take it to the laundry as soon as possible. Make sure you have stains that show and explain the origin of the stain laundry. This will help for laundry stain removal process is.
2. Follow Instructions
Follow the instructions on each product (powder or liquid) stain remover that you use. Do not forget to follow the washing instructions as well. What, if no appropriate guidance, perhaps even more stain “sticky” in the clothes.
3. In the test section Hidden
Do not forget to try every way to stain the clothing that is hidden. For example, in the stitching along the edge or on other parts of the clothes that do not pierce the attention.
Before cleaning the stain on a more extensive and clearly visible on the dress, double check the color changed clothes so dull or not, after the wash. Do not use the product when pemebersih stain was used after making changes color.
4. Start From Rear
Place the stained at the position behind and put on clean white cloth. Cleaning stains on its side or vice versa. The goal is to remove stains from clothes, not to widen the existing stain to other parts of your clothing. Make sure stain has been lost.
5. Be careful-liquid solvent
Be sure to rinse the clothes have been cleaned from the stain to thoroughly wash and let it dry by itself. The liquid solvent may cause a spark of fire in the washing machine. Remember, never pour this liquid directly into the washing machine!
6. Waspadai bleach
Using a bleach to remove stains on clothes, so akan can cause color differences in other parts of clothing. So, use bleach as per the instructions on the label on your clothes and use them evenly.
7. Main Do not Mix
Often, because you want to be naughty fast stain is gone, we try to mix cleaning products, stain. The mix of chemicals that
will cause a different smell that is not savory, and definitive results are not in your clothes.
8. Rinse Clean
Wash clothing that has been re-given liquid stain remover. Remember to always wash rinse clean all that has been given a stain remover product. This is to remove the remains of liquid products and also have a residual stain.
9. Patient …
Clean the stains may take longer. Sometimes, the process must be done repeatedly. You should always check the clothes or wash before the mengeringkannya. Even if necessary, repeat the process again until the stain is completely disappeared because the drying process will cause the stain to become permanent.
10. Not Lost
For certain stains, there is no way for roads or removed without damage to clothing or the color you wear.


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