My Bukisa Earnings Experiment

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I am a Bukisa newbie, a skeptic, but I do have an open mind.  This comes in handy when you are a professional data analyst.  I have learned that opinions formed without an open mind and data to base them on are worth what someone will pay to hear them – zilch.  A good data analyst must devise a measurement, implement a plan, collect the data and analyze it, all before developing an opinion.

So, while my initial impression is that Bukisa could be all hype and no payoff, I won’t know that until I test it will I?

With this in mind I am conducting an experiment.  I will update this article regularly with a date, number of views, current Bukisa index, and my total earnings.  If I get enough views I will even do a pretty graph to hopefully show some exponential growth.  Once I have a trend I will change the thumbnail, add key words and backlinks to see if that changes the trend.

What is your opinion of Bukisa?  Give it a thumbs up or thumbs down in your comments.  As I collect data I will include a summery in this article.

Do you make money from Bukisa?  Tell us via the comments how many articles you have submitted, when you submitted them, and how much you’ve made from each article.  If I get enough responses I can also do an analysis of the average participant’s revenue.

Now this isn’t truly scientific because typically only the enthused will respond. Realisticaly,  I don’t expect to make anything.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll make enough to buy baby a new pair of shoes.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Date                        Number of Views                Bukisa Index         Earnings      Notes

14 July 2009            0                                              0                              0                Start your engines!

20 July 2009            8                                                                              0.03           Three cents!!!!

31 July 2009            14                                                                            0.04            Whoo-hoo!


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