Fitness Mantra!!Weight Loss Tips & Tricks

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Weight loss Tips!!!
HEALTH- is a state of complete physical, mental and social fitness and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
Aspects of health-
 Physical health is the fitness of body health and can be a attained by regular exercise, proper and nutrition rich diet & by providing proper rest to body parts.
 Mental health refers to control of emotional quotient & psychological fitness.
Health maintenance
 Effective methods for staying healthy and improving physical & mental health :
• Nutrition-. The maintenance of a good health depends on the diet & its quality .
• Exercise- Regular exercise is essential to develop & maintain physically fit body & overall health.
 Stretching like Flexibility Exercises improve the range of motion of muscles & movement of joints.
 Aerobic exercises & yoga focus on increasing cardiovascular endurance and muscle density.
• Hygiene- Hygiene is the process of keeping the body neat & clean to prevent it from infection and illness.
• Stress management- stress may negatively impact health by attacking the immune system and mind. Stress management is process to reduce stress & refresh your body organs.
Health information for regular care-
• Spinach juice is good for increasing iron percentage in your body.
• Breathing exercise’s helps in contracting your abdominal muscles.
• Doing Exercise with music helps in energizing your muscles & doing it for longer duration.
• A brisk walk reduces stress & revive the freshness in your body.
• Eat fatty food in the morning so that it consumed with day’s workout.
• Do regular housework exercise to burn calories.
• Hot tea with honey helps migraine patients


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