How to Help Those In Need During a Recession

I am sure you have all heard the stories of friends and neighbors losing their jobs and homes during this recession. This is not uncommon considering the financial climate our country; correction, the world is in at the present. However, if you are in the position to give, then this is a great opportunity to use the resources you have or the resources available to you, to do what you can to help those that need it most.


There are quite a few resources in one’s neighborhood. We can go to the community library, community center etc., and find out more about what is going on locally and reach out by offering money, and/or other services. 


You don’t need to have material wealth or riches to give to someone in need.  Time is a valuable asset, so imagine if we take the ‘time’ out to really listen to someone or offer advice. What a difference that would make if one provides information or offers some direction to someone who has lost their way because of their circumstance. Volunteering at a local shelter; donating old or used clothes to Amvets or a local charity or even nonperishable food at the local food bank, or an ear at the local crisis center can make a huge difference in someone’s life.


Many of us have a natural talent or skills that we probably overlook or take for granted.  During a recession like this, where the need is vast; there is no doubt that we can use our God given talent to do a lot of good nationally or internationally.   A great example of this is maybe helping someone revamp their resume, cv or cover letter. Cooking at a local shelter is also a great way to use your talent for good. Yes, not everyone can cook and do it well, so it is a skill and a talent for those of us that knows how.


Some people feel guilty for having when there are individuals around them without. However, if there is a need see it for what it is; an opportunity to help! Do not feel guilty for having support, sufficient money in the bank, a house, car and the like, because you have also worked hard to attain it, but use those resources to help others.  This could just mean occasionally offering to drive someone whose car has just broken down or repossessed, to and from work so that they can keep their job is a great way to extend yourself.


This is so important, because hard times can fall on anyone. Most people are hit with or have had one bad experience which then seeps into other areas of their lives. As a result of this domino effect, they are left without the things that mean the most to them or the things they have worked so hard to attain most of their adult lives. More importantly, those individuals that are without already do feel embarrassed and emotionally wounded about their circumstances.  Therefore what they need is someone who is going to be empathetic, understanding, possibly open-minded and patient.

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