Bangkok Serviced Apartments To See Glut This Year

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When visiting another country, accommodation is one of the most important things to mull over. Without a good accommodation it is just not possible to enjoy your stay to the fullest extent. In case you are visiting Bangkok, you should be even more careful about choosing the right accommodation; not only should you choose right accommodation but you should also choose it well ahead of time.

Bangkok is like a heaven for those who need to take some break and want to hang loose in a perfect place. For holiday makers it has some of the most amazing thing to offer. Accommodation is the only issue that creates some problems for holiday makers. It is so because there are many accommodation options and all of them look wonderful. But, those who want a homey ambience in their accommodation often go for apartments.

Bangkok serviced apartments have always been in demand. People love staying in these apartments due to the fact that they offer a lot of facilities. Many of these apartments are so sophisticated and stylish that visiting these apartments is an attraction in its own special way.

Although it is a fact that serviced apartment segment is growing like anything, but it is also true that the demand for these apartments has been hit hard by global economic recession. Due to this particular fact, experts are of the view that there will be an oversupply of serviced apartments. In a research, it is found that around 1,500 new apartments are going to become a part of the serviced apartment segment in Thailand. But, it is also found in the same research that there is a decline in demand up to 75%, which is quite distressing for companies involved in doing business in this segment.

Though this situation is not good for investors but it is not too bad for renters. This lack of demand has made these companies reduce the rental rate per square meter; in fact, this has made this rate come down to 3.9% in Sukumvit and central business district. But, it is crucial to mention that this decrease in rate is only for five-star market and there is no effect of this sluggish demand on four-star market in both these areas.

It is important to mention that a further decrease in the rate is expected this year, which is good news for those who are still looking for a good serviced apartment in Bangkok. But, it should also be kept in mind that Bangkok is a place where large number of people comes for business and recreational purposes and chances are high that there will be more stability in this price decline.

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