How to Maximize a Visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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These few tips will help you get your money’s worth at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Without a prior visit, you would not be able to know these tips. If you just read the website or decided to head to Cleveland on a whim, keep these things in mind.

Step One
Leave your camera at home. Photos are not allowed in the museum at any time.

Step Two
Allow for at least 5 hours to visit. If possible, allow for two days. There are six floors filled with massive amounts of historic rock artifacts. Also, there are multiple documentaries in full sized theaters and interactive exhibits such as the 500 most influential rock and roll songs or the who influenced this musician exhibit.

Step Three
Prepare for a light lunch or to leave and come back. There is a small cafeteria with things that a lunch truck may have such as yogurt parfaits and burgers. It does not have many choices nor is it very good.

Step Four
Research some rock and roll history before you go. You may just see some amazing historical aritifacts that you read about.

Step Five
Think about leaving the under 21 crowd at home. The most modern exhibits include the Seattle grunge scene from the 90’s and some recent rap stuff from Notrious B.I.G. However, it is hard to imagine what a very young person would get out of it as there is nothing included about Radiohead, Britney, 50 Cent, or the Fray.

Step Six
If you are military member, ask for a discount. It is not listed on the website or the ticket booth. However, I asked for one and got one with my I.D.


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