Additional revenue on the internet

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Now, with the cheapness rate spread and the Internet network the more we make it easier to access the Internet, in addition to the search for knowledge, information and communication, the Internet also can we use to find additional revenue, sizable enough that you can have even more than the main , or for students who do not get a job, the internet can be made for the land revenue to meet the needs of life and to study the cost-plus, the following are some sources of revenue that can be found from the internet:

– PTC (Paid to Click) and PTR (Paid to Read)
PTC has been known as one of the barns to make money, by clicking the ads that we have the money to pay even though very little :D, but it’s bearable, bit by bit so the hills will also not so?, PTC should play for your work together with your friends as your refferal, more refferal more likely to get more money, but we must be careful in the world of many PTC site PTC Scam or not the pay, and the Cape is not paid time-loss is really very harmful , so select the PTC is indeed often pay a visit to a forum that discusses the PTC.

– Share Review / Make Reviews
share review / review is to make a very sizeable income on the internet, we make a review or review their products in our pay, we review the rate (rate) in our pay, indeed very easy and fun as we are doing now 😀 , with braided cooperation is needed in this review share, so it’s a good person so you can get better.

– Stocks or Forex Trading
play stock or forex can be done by using the internet facilities, to this time I will only review about Forex, many brokers, broker forex trading service that opened on the internet, if you are interested and interested you can use the internet facilities for you to play forex, but forex remember playing high-risk so if you have not enough knowledge not try or you will run out of money, forex earnings from the very big advantage if we get the loss will bear if we are unhappy, then be careful, it may be just to try to or you learn you can try it, prepare yourself with three things that skill, capital and patience.


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