iPod Touch/iPhone App Review: World Cup Air Hockey

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I am going to bring iPod Touch/iPhone sports application reviews back to the site, just for those of you out there that have one and don’t wanna waste your money on bad games. This game is not a bad game at all. In fact, the company (Skyworks Interactive) has about 15 sports type applications that you should look at. The cost is awesome for the quality of game you get (usually full versions run from .99 to 2.99). They also have lite versions of the application that you can try some parts of the games for free, and if you like you can upgrade to the paid version. (Click on picture below to by from iTunes App Store)


The air hockey app is a tough one to find out there. There are lots of them, and they have small differences between all of them, but this one is the one I settled on. There are three modes:trans.gif

Practice Mode– You choose to play a game to 7 against the opponent of your choice, with different levels of difficulty for each opponent.

Head-to-Head– Two players on the same iPod Touch, haven’t tried it yet, but looks to be very good, just taking a run through look at it.


Tournament Mode- You choose to be the country of your choice, and try and win the 8-team tournament, with a high score running at the top, and you can post your tournament score to see how you fare against the rest of the world*. (2600 points for a goal, -800 points if you give up a goal.)



Overall: This game is very nicely done, I have not encountered any glitches with the game at all, and I have the new firmware for the Touch (3.0). Can be addicting if you keep losing in the championship game.

Final score: 10/10.

*-Requires Internet Connection


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