Parking charges

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As a driver everywhere I go I have to look for somewhere to park. I love my car and love driving but I begrudge paying over the odds to park in a car park.

Where I live parking costs between 80p to over £1 for 1 hour. and if you over run by just a few minutes the wardens slap a fine on your car. As a mother who normally goes into town on her own I find it hard to get my daughter sorted and get my car park ticket and as the wardens are often milling around ready to jump when you move even if you are going to the machine as they say you should get your ticket then park. Yet it is always busy and every one drives round to find a space parks then gets their ticket.

I now park in a side street where I should not realy but wardens do not enforce parking restrictions there.

My fiance runs his own joinery business and when he goes to jobs he has to find a safe place to part that is legal. One of the companies he works for has a area around the back with a parking area and a barrier. One day when he went he spoke to the security who let him through but when they changed over the guard forgot to tell the new one that the van had permission to park and so he went over and ticketed it as the barrier was up he thought the van had just been parked there, he did not think to check with the company first. So when my fiance finished and went back to the van he saw the ticket so he went back in and spoke to the manager who went with him to speak to the security guard who was nice enough to rip up the ticket for him.

When I go to Blackpool I will not go searching for a seafront space as there arn’t many and it costs a fortune to park there. There is a supermarket next to the airport who do not charge for parking as it is a mile or so from the sea and over 2 miles fro the attractions. I do not mind walking and as I work for this company know that security do check the car park and there are cameras so if something happens then it will be sorted. They have a nice cafe so I will go in for food when I arrive and before I go if it is open.


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