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UK Internet

Are you looking to get the Internet at home or change to a new provider? Well the best thing to do is look around.

I used to be with AOL but a little over a year ago I changed my provider because of connectivity problems. I got an offer of free Internet from my mobile phone provider Orange and used them for over a year before moving out of my mothers house. (she still has that internet service.).

I am now on a package with Virgin that has fiberoptic broadband.

Virgin have 3 Broadband only packages M, L and XL.

Size M is up to 2mb download speed for 10 a month for the first 6 month then 17 a month there after.

Size L is up to 10mb download speed for 17 a month for the first 6 month then 24 a month there after.

Size XL is up to 20mb download speed for 29 a month for the first 12 month then 36 a month there after.

AOL are one of the worst providers to go for as I know lots of people who have had problems with them. Orange is a good provider in the most part even providing those on the free deal with a wireless livebox and they upgraded my download speed regularly, but my one concern is that they like to do updates to you livebox during times when you are trying to use it and the updates shut off your connection.

Using companies like USwitch to help you look for the best deal is a great idea as you can compare all the providers. All you have to do is type in your post code and it will bring up a list of service providers with information on prices. By refining your search using the boxes provided you can search for the speed, download limit and price you want. Then by clicking on on the provider in the left hand column you will get a page with more information about the package. When you think you have found the package for you click on the go to site button and from there you will be able to sign up.

Look for a provider that includes a wireless router if you want to connect to the Internet in more than one room without the use of cables. Check you laptop has a inbuilt wireless adapter as you will need one if you are not provided with one.

If you are changing providers you will need your service providers MAC Key as you will be asked for this by your new provider.

More than just the Internet

Sky and virgin Media both provide packages that include TV, Phone and Internet. Orange and O2 both provide internet at a cheaper price to its mobile customers.

Remember it’s always best to shop around for the best deal for you.


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