Good Runescape Money-Making Technique

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Things youll need: 30 Smithing | Money

There are a lot of ways of making money on Runescape but not all of those ways are very sufficient. One way of making good money on Runescape is to buy iron ores and coal to make steel bars and sell them to make good amounts of money. You need 1 iron ore and 2 coal ores in order to make a steel bar. An iron ore costs about 100gp and coal costs about 200gp. Prices change from time to time but this is just an example. if I buy 1000 iron ores and 2000 coal, that will give me 1000 steel bars. You will need to be at least level 30 smithing for this. 1000 iron ores will cost me 100,000gp and 2000 coal will cost me 400,000gp. You don’t need to buy at such a big scale though I do, the more the merrier! I spend 500k (500,000gp) on this. So then, I go on and start smelting. After I am done, I head on to the Grand Exchange. A steel bar selld for around 700gp. 1000 x 700 = 700k (700,000gp). I made a 200k profit and got myself a good amount of experience. I would suggest using the bank and furnace in Al kharid, it is a short walk to the bank and the furnace.I was using this method till I got to make my first million. I got to level 50 using this method. Good luck making money and read more of my money making guides. Best of Luck!


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