How to Mourn the Loss of a Celebrity

By Joyce Mann

No matter the time nor place, the desire to put a public figure upon a pedestal is ingrained in many. And when that public figure dies, it triggers a sense of loss. So how do you mourn the loss of a celebrity? From Elvis to Michael Jackson, here are tips to help you cope.

1. Surround yourself with family and friends. “Talk therapy” does help. Sharing your shock and sadness with like-minded folks is a necessary outlet. Recall the highlights of the celebrity’s career. A favorite movie line. A top-selling album.

2. Take time to reflect. What was it about this particular celebrity that moved you? Why does one celebrity death matter more to you than that of another? By understanding how the art and lives of others affects you, you glean a better understanding of yourself.

3.Share your fan memorabilia with others. Show off that autographed paper napkin you were lucky enough to get, or the ticket-stub from that concert tour. Your friends will enjoy hearing the retelling of your favorite celebrity stories. At the very least, watch a movie or listen to the music featuring your cultural icon.

4. Keep things in perspective. Remember this is a CELEBRITY. This is not your great aunt Tillie who you never met; this is not even your mail carrier. However shocked or saddened, what you are mourning is the loss of your perceived image of an artistic individual who you most likely never set eyes on in real life.

5.Don’t go overboard. Unrolling your old poster of Farrah Fawcett to share with the guys at work is one thing — taking a week off from work to fly to LA and camp outside her home is something else.

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